Papa Survey – Tips of Taking PapaSurvey and Troubleshooting

Papa Survey is one of the strategies done by Papa Murphy’s to get the feedback from the visitors. Through this survey, Papa Murphy’s will evaluate their service. They will use the praise from the customers to boost their confidence. In contrast, Papa Murphy’s will use the critics to improve their service. In general, the aim of the survey is to find out whether the service given can meet the people’s expectation. If they can’t, they should improve the aspects which disappoint the costumers.

When you give comment or suggestion for Papa Murphy’s, you can make this restaurant better. So, at the future visit, you will feel satisfied. Knowing that your opinion is crucial for the business, Papa Murphy’s will reward you with a coupon after the survey. With the redemption code, you can get a discount on your next purchase. In certain occasion, you can even get a free product. So, you should not miss your chance to take part in Papa Survey.

Before you take Papa Survey, you should have a valid Papa murphy’s receipt. Besides, you should know Papa murphy’s store number which you have visited. Then you can start Papa Murphy’s survey by following the steps at Besides, you can apply the tips below so that you can complete the survey easily.

  • Input the store number correctly.

Some people cannot enter Papa Survey since they enter the wrong store number. If you do not know the number, you should choose the second option. This way, you can still enter the survey by selecting the zip code. After you type the zip code, Papasurvey will display the list of store numbers in the certain area. The next, you can choose the store you visited.

  • Give honest answers.

You have to try to provide the honest answers for the questionnaires. Your response will not affect the reward. You still get the redemption code when you share the bad feedback.

  • Sign up for Papa Murphy’s e-club.

Joining to this club gives you many benefits. You will receive the special offers from this pizza house. Moreover, you can get a free menu on your birthday. For instance, you can get a cookie for free. Furthermore, you can get an interesting discount as well.

Sometimes, you still cannot access Papa Survey even you have entered the correct details. It can happen due to some technical errors. You should not be panic since this issue is easy to solve. Here we list down the common problems and how to fix them.

  • Slow internet access.

You cannot load Papasurvey site with a limited internet access. So, you should check your modem or wifi router. If necessary, you should reset it then you can refresh the Papasurvey page.

  • JavaScript and Cookies disabled.

You have to configure the browser’s privacy setting. You should enable the cookies and JavaScript.

  • Your browser is not compatible.

You should ensure that your device, as well as the browser, is compatible to access We recommend you to use the latest version of the web browser.

  • Your receipt is invalid.

You can use your Papa Murphy’s receipt within 30 days to take the survey. After this period, you cannot access PapaSurvey using your receipt. It is because your receipt is no longer valid.